Orange Fingers and Food Runs

Today I celebrate. As the weekend comes to an end I can say I’ve stood the test. It was a busy weekend in the dorm. It required me to make multiple trips to Knoxville passing numerous amounts of fast food. It would have been easy to just eat a meal, but instead I thought it through and did the best I could without stressing. I ventured to Wendy’s where I ordered the Baconator with no cheese, added lettuce. Ate a potato with chili on the side to add. I did break down and eat a few beans found in the chili. This Whole30 I’m taking seriously and do my best, but I won’t stress over it. I feel accomplished that I thought through this meal. I have also taken the boys on food runs and NOT myself ordered food. The only other cheat were the fries at dinner in the cafeteria and I allowed myself to assume they were fried in coconut oil. :/

Per the Whole30 Timeline I did have a cranky day, more like an evening. Either way you look at it I wasn’t the most pleasant.

Read.Enjoy.Be Encouraged.

A Student’s Orange Finger Maker




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